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PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS  Exercise for the overweight burns calories and increases metabolism for as much as 24 hours after exercise.  Exercise can lead to an overall sense of well-being and is helpful in decreasing depression.  Exercise benefits the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, too!  Lab tests of cholesterol and other blood fats are usually reduced with exercise.  Weight-bearing exercise (putting stress or pressure on the bones) may reduce osteoporosis which affects one out of four women over sixty.  Exercise can help diabetics increase their sensitivity to insulin and may even reduce the amount of insulin required in a insulin-dependant diabetic.

"I really thought that I could not afford you guys. But after calculating the amount of money I spend on fast food plus the amount of all of the weight loss pills, equipment, and gym fees that I've spent in the past, personal training has delivered three-times the results for a fraction of my costs".        ---Vanessa, Business Owner