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Personal Training

Personal training packages are 3, 6, or 12 months. All sessions are 1 hour & include the following: Weight Training Plyometric Training - (This consists of Dynamic Cardiovascular Drills), 1 hour counseling session, Nutritional Monitoring, and Initial Body Fat Test Metabolism Test .

Buddy Personal Training

Same as Personal Training but 1hour is shared between two people Rates are $20 lower per hour per person when PHYSICALLY shared

Sport Specific Training

Personal Training geared toward enhancing your specific sport such as football, volley ball, baseball, track, etc.


Bioimpedence Testing

This tests measures your Body Fat and Metabolism

  • The accurate measurement of Lean Body Mass is now the most rational basis for nutritional and exercise prescriptions.
  • It is EXTREMELY important to know how many calories your body burns at rest to determine your caloric needs.
  • Without knowing your metabolism, you may struggle to lose weight.

Body Fat Testing

Metabolism Testing

Blood Pressure Testing

Alignment Testing

"I train with X-Trainers because I tore my ACL and their trainers are familiar with athletic rehab. It's cool to be able to rehab my bum knee and still condition the rest of my body at the same time. I feel like I'm back in the academy!"

         -Iam, Previous Police Officer/Owner of Tucker & Associates