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The following are our most popular questions.  If you have additional questions please call 504-482-2348 or email us at info@x-trainers.com

Q:    Why should I join this company over any other?

A:    We understand you! You take care of everyone else but have very little time for yourself. We, at X-Trainers Personal Training, have 93.7% weight loss success rate to help you lose weight and finally keep it off even if you've tried on your own for years!
Let's get it done once and for all! Call today 504-482-2348

Q:    What does a personal trainer do? 

A:     Our personal trainers provide motivation and guidance to help you tone, lose weight, and aid you in developing a healthier lifestyle. Your trainer is your accountability tool to get you the results you long for.

Q:    Why should I hire a personal trainer?     

A:     There are several reasons. Here are a few.

Motivation is among the highest reason for working with a certified personal trainer. Most of us know what to do; we just don't do it. 

A Healthier Lifestyle - Exercise for the overweight burns calories and increases metabolism for as much as 24 hours after exercise. Exercise can lead to an overall sense of well being and is helpful in decreasing depression. Exercise benefits the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, too! Lab tests of cholesterol and other blood fats are usually reduced with exercise. Weight-bearing exercise (putting stress or pressure on the bones) may reduce osteoporosis which affects one out of four women over sixty. Exercise can help diabetics increase their sensitivity to insulin and may even reduce the amount of insulin required in a insulin-dependant diabetic.

Safety is another good reason to hire a certified personal trainer. The health and fitness industry is constantly changing. Certified trainers must get re-certified every two years to keep up with current information. Sometimes we learn that exercises of the past actually cause injury. Keeping current helps us to provide you with the safety you expect and deserve.

Comradeship - Working with someone not only makes the time pass faster, it also eliminates boredom. Having someone to do something new with for the first time eases nervousness and apprehension.

Weight Loss - Cardiovascular + Weight Training + A healthy diet = Weight Loss. Cardiovascular exercise helps improve blood and oxygen circulation within the body. This is the type of exercise that should be focused on if weight loss is your goal. Also, cardiovascular exercise gives us that energetic feeling of being in shape. This is the only way to exercise your heart. Remember: Your heart is like your battery! It must be re-energized! Weight training is necessary to TONE your body. Without it, you may find it difficult to get rid of extra skin or what is commonly referred to as flab.

Q:     How soon will I see results?

A:     Although we have a 93.7% success rate, this truly depends on you. As with anything, you reap what you sow. 

Q:     What does a typical X-Trainers Client look like?

A:     Our Typical clients are:

  • People who want a private facility to feel comfortable in no matter what their current fitness level 
  • People who understand the VALUE of being healthy. We are not the lowest-cost provider. We provide the highest value.
  • People who want to improve their health and/or feel better  
  • People willing to invest in their health for the long term  
  • People willing to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect 
  • People who understand the value of knowledgeable professionals  
  • People who expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff  
  • People who want to reduce their health costs
  • People who need/want to improve their functional abilities

Q:    Will you educate me on nutrition?

A:    Yes. We have worked with registered nutritionist and dietitian to develop our proven weight loss nutrition plan known as PV-squared - Our PV-squared system is 1 protein (size of your hand) and 2 veggies (size of 2 hands).

As personal trainers we are not nutritionists; however, we do work with a leading nutritionist and most of our trainers have a Bachelor's degree in a Science. Therefore, we have more training in nutrition, anatomy and physiology. A science major must understand how each individual vitamin and mineral effects every system of your body. In addition, we are more than happy to work with your doctor to provide you with the detailed care you need.

Q:    Will I have to follow a specific eating plan?

A:     A natural, balanced diet is necessary to achieve optimum health. We will share with you the plan that has delivered our 93.7% success rate. Then you decide if you want to be a part of that success. At X-Trainers, LLC we are naturalists. We believe in eating whole foods throughout the day. An eating plan will be tailored to your personal preferences within reason. If you have special deficiencies, such as calcium, you will be encouraged to provide your body with whatever it needs. Our on-call Nutritionist is available to custom build a nutrition plan to suit your needs.

Q:    Where do you train?

A:    New Orleans - 3700 Orleans Ave.Suite 2-B in American Can Company's Retail Strip on the beautiful Bayou St. John 


Q:     If I live outside of your service area, can you still assist me with my goals?
A:     Yes - 
1. Email us at info@x-trainers.com on Amazon.

2. Order a copy of the founder of X-Trainers weight loss book. Simply click on this Book Title: Smothering The Soul - Weight Loss Made Simple

Q:    What are the costs?

A:     Average cost is $65 per hour or $130 per week (for two training sessions). Length of time determines your exact cost. The longer you train with us, the cheaper it costs you per hour. 

Here are a few of our client's opinions on our costs: 

   "I really thought that I could not afford you guys. But after calculating the amount of money I spend on fast food plus the amount of all of the weight loss pills, equipment, and gym fees that I've spent in the past, personal training has delivered three-times the results for a fraction of my costs".

        ---Vanessa, Business Owner 

    "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks... The look on my fiancées face last night when I finished dressing   was worth every penny I've invested so far".

        ---Dea, Chef

    "I said that I could not afford a personal trainer, but after witnessing my 37-year old little sister have a heart attack, all I can think is - how can I NOT afford you all".

        ---Brenda, Consultant

Q:    Do I have to sign a contract?

A:     Yes - You may train as little at 3 months if you choose. Anything less than a 3-month commitment to exercise will be a waste of your money long-term. You have the option of choosing a longer time period of 6 or 12 months to obtain a lower per/hour fee. 

Q:    What if I have special dietary or physical needs?

A:     Our clients range from professional athletes to former stroke patients. Many clients come to us with high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and elevated cholesterol to name a few. Although many of our trainers are certified, we feel that certification is sometimes not enough. Therefore, most of our trainers have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a Science. A science background provides a more complete understanding of nutrition, anatomy and physiology. In addition, we will work closely with your doctor to provide you with the detailed care you need. 

If you have additional questions please call 504-482-2348 today.